Lightening the Load - Bathroom Edition
Teaser Tuesday: The Whisper by Aaron Starmer

Friday Five - August 14

So, this week was slightly better than last for a few reasons:

1. I rid myself of TONS of unnecessary items in my bathroom last weekend. You can read all about it here. I'm really enjoying having less stuff sitting on my bathroom counter. I still have quite a bit (leave-in-conditioners and other sundry hair treatments, as well as face creams), but I'm quickly using the stuff up, and vow to NOT BUY ANYMORE until I'm absolutely, completely OUT of something!

2. We had some unwanted excitement at the bus stop Tuesday evening when two thugs decided to beat the living daylights out of each other. It started off with first guy mouthing off, dropping F-bombs right and left at this other guy, and for a few moments I thought it was just two guy-friends messing round, because, you know, that's how guys are sometimes. But apparently, the two were not buddies, and The Other Guy took great offense, and punched F-bomb Guy in the face. Blood everywhere! Then it was on, punches were thrown back and forth, and they even started spitting blood-tinged saliva at each other. Thankfully, right about then our driver returned from his break, and when he saw what was happening, he quickly ushered us on the bus, saying, "Let's get you folks, outta here!" As we were waiting at least two people called 911, and within a couple minutes three patrol cars arrived, and the officers separated the two. We took off about then so the last I saw of the brawlers one was being patted down by an officer, and the other was talking to two other officers, and we were safely away! It was a pretty scary experience (one I hope to NEVER repeat!), and I'm just so thankful neither of them was armed!

3.  I finally wore a new pair of shoes I bought a few weeks ago. I've been wearing them around the house trying to stretch them out. They're better, but I still had to use some moleskin on my heels because they rub, and I knew before I left the house I'd get blisters. Still, if they make it through the day without totally killing my feet, I'll buy a pair in black as well!

4.  This weekend we're going to hit our favourite used books store to drop off more books we're finished with as well as pick up some new titles. I'm hoping to find The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne, as they're the last two books on my Classics list for this year.

5. Finally, this week went by FAST!! I swear I missed a day in there - Wednesday, maybe? - because all of a sudden it's Friday! Not that I'm complaining, mind you, I'm just surprised. And thrilled! So, what are your weekend plans, if you have any? I hope you all have a super fun time, and I'll see you next week! Cheers!