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Well, I think this #summer #storm is finally over! We got almost 3" of rain in the last fourteen hours! #happy #slolife

Mid-July Friday Five

TGIF, friends! I hope you've all had a lovely week! Here's your Friday Five for the week:

1. I had X-rays of my neck done earlier this week, and according to my chiropractor I have a slight problem. Where my neck (all of our necks, actually) should have a C-curve shape, mine is very nearly straight up and down, and a couple vertebrae are actually heading in the opposite direction. Not good, but hopefully correctable as it's been caught before any of the bones started touching and rubbing together which would not only be painful, but would eventually require surgery to correct. So I'm on a regimen of two adjustments per week and using a traction device at least four times a week at home. I'm optimistic this will correct the problem as well as me correcting my bad posture and general sitting position most of the day.

2.  I've been really enjoying the return of Bloom County this week! I used to read that comic strip all the time, and had two or three compilation books back in the day. I loved reading about the adventures of Opus and Bill the Cat. Ack!

3.  I finally finished Walden - SO good! - and finally started Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee - SO excite! I know there is some controversy over this book, but I'm not going to worry about that. I'm just going to enjoy the book!

4. So, they say there's a chance of rain this weekend due to what's left of hurricane Dolores moving up our way. Rain would be lovely, but we really never get that this time of year, so I'm not holding my breath!

5. Last Tuesday the bus broke down on the grade. That hasn't happened in YEARS! Seriously, like four years at least! It was one of the older (and more comfortable) buses, and apparently a hose blew. I was snoozing, but heard the BANG! and felt the bus jerk sharply. Thankfully, our intrepid driver was able to pull over, and a new bus was dispatched quickly. We were actually only sitting there waiting about 20 minutes or so, and once we were all on the new bus, we were at our next stop in about 10 minutes. I still had to cancel my chiropractor appointment that evening, but while we waited, I took a random photograph out the window. I used the Orton filter from on it, but yes, the sky really is that blue, and the hills really are that dry.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend whatever you decide to do! Cheers!