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A Few of My Favourite Things: May 2015

I really didn't do or buy much during May (as I'm trying my best to get RID of stuff!), so my list this time will be pretty short! Here are a few random things I liked during the month of May:

This awesome banana container! There's nothing worse than commuting with a banana in your lunch bag - it always ends up horrifically bruised and gross.  This fantastic plastic container protects your banana and keeps it blemish-free for your lunchtime enjoyment. According to the link I found, it's $3.50 on Amazon, but I found one at my local Dollar Tree Store (where everything's $1.00!).

Chloe Love Story perfume. I've been wearing this perfume for about two or three weeks, now, and I've received several complements on it. It's a nice light, subtle floral fragrance that I think is perfect for spring/summer.

Philosophy Live Joyously perfume. Before Love Story I was wearing this bright floral fragrance. I say "bright" because not only is the bottle a super bold pink, but the fragrance itself is very strong and lasts a long time. I'll probably continue alternating between these two for another month or two.

The Paso Arts Festival. This is the second time mom and I have gone to this, and this time was just as much fun. I love looking at all the different types of art and artists there are, and I usually end up with some ideas as well!

Sargento Balanced Breaks. I saw an ad for these a while ago, but only recently discovered them at my local Von's, and snagged three of the almond and cranberry one. They are delicious and so long as you don't have any allergies, I highly recommend them!

 And, finally, one of my favourite things for May (and pretty much all the time) is my backyard! Mom and I recently put up two reed fences along our fence where the boards were not so close together, and when we were sitting on our back patio, we could see the neighbours on the other side when they were sitting on their back patio. It was a bit uncomfortable, but it looks so much better now! We also trimmed some of the grasses and cat mint (though it's growing    again already!), and put out our chairs and tables! We're all ready to enjoy a glass of wine on a Friday night!

Did you have any favourites for the month of May? Did you go anywhere fun, or buy something fabulous? Let me know in the comments! Cheers!