W is for Wine
Farmers Market berries and an orange make for a delicious Sunday breakfast. #organic #nofilter

Friday Five

Oh, my God, his week, you guys, THIS WEEK ... totally kicked my ass, and here are five reasons why:

1. Apologies for the TMI, but: Princess Time* arrived first thing Monday morning - a bad one this time - and shot everything to hell right off the bat. I had zero energy so I copped out of my workouts, severe pain, headaches that bordered on migraine, and general malaise. Not fun.

2. Also on Monday I had Jury Duty, which I have actually always wanted to do, but the timing of it was bad, bad, bad. I had two doctor appointments scheduled Tuesday afternoon which I ended up having to cancel because my service ran over into Tuesday afternoon, and a third appointment I had to put off until I was sure I was discharged from duty. Which I finally was, late Tuesday.

3.  I started on Humira yesterday. I got the insurance approval Monday, and called and set up the shipping, then had to wait till it arrived before calling my Dr. for an appointment. It was a lot of time on the phone, which is an anxiety-inducing activity to me after several days of increased anxiety (honestly how I manage to do phones at work is beyond me!), and the build-up to the actual shot was stressful as well. Thankfully, I got a quick and early appointment, and it turns out using the pen is not too difficult.

4.  So, as a treat to myself for all the crap I had to deal wth this week, I took myself out to Happy Hour at Giuseppe's and then to Farmer's Market. I had a delicious pomegranate martini, gorgonzola and herb stuffed mushrooms, and a small Caesar salad. Tres yum! At the market I got some blackberries, strawberries and blueberries that I hope are as good as the ones we got at the Paso Farmer's Market a few weeks ago, as well as some broccoli, avocados, and tomatoes.  I also stopped by Hep Kats downtown and picked up a couple new purses. Which, of course, means that I have to get rid of two purses I already own, which is hard because I already got rid of some a while back, so I'm really down to my keepers. Well, we'll see!

5. And finally remember a couple weeks ago I mentioned I made a video just for the heck of it? Well, I finally uploaded it tonight and you can check it out here:  

Hope you guys had a MUCH better week than I did, and will have a lovely weekend! See you Monday! Cheers!

 * Phrase originally coined by my friend Wendy, and blatantly stolen by me!