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Friday Five

Hey, hi, and happy Friday! Have I even done a Friday Five this month? It feels like I haven't. I also didn't get a write up of last Saturday's Adventure in Atascadero (which wasn't so much an "adventure" as it was just wandering around, drinking wine, eating delicious food, and buying some awesome stuff.) finished, but I did get about 1o more things up for sale on eBay, five six of which I've already sold this week!  This weekend will probably be "getting rid of more stuff", which is kind of a pain, but the more stuff we get rid of, the happier mom and I are. Marie Kondo was right - if it doesn't spark joy, it's outta here!

And, it's FRIDAY, and I'm outta here, too, but before I go, here's five random things just for fun. Enjoy!

1. I actually tried something different last Friday night, and recorded a vlog. I may or may not upload it to YouTube tonight, I haven't decided. I am also not sure I'll do it again. It was kind of fun, but also kind of a lot of work. I just used the camera on my computer, and the lighting wasn't very good, either so ... I don't know. I might just stick to writing.

2. Last Saturday I purchased a small iron deer head at The Backyard behind Bru Coffeehouse, which I fell in love with the week before, and plan to hang some of my necklaces from the antlers. (That is, providing I can find a stud to hang it on in the spot I want, because, damn, he's heavy!) Also, while I was there, I saw two sets of shelves, this two-shelf  unit below, and another with just one shelf. I really like them, too - the little birds and branches fit with my woodland theme. I'm just not sure it either would fit anywhere in my room, as I'm running out of useful wall space, and also I'm afraid I would just end up cluttering them up with stuff, but I still really like them, and I might have to go back to at least measure them, and contemplate them more.

 3.  Also last Saturday, mom and I had an amazing lunch at Hush Harbor Bakery. Here's a shot of her half turkey sandwich and cole slaw. She said it was fantastic. I had the Italian (only a half, though, because they're huge!), and it was delicious!! I'm looking forward to going back and trying that turkey one myself!


4.  This weekend will be the last time I put stuff on eBay to sell. Seriously, for all the success I've had at it, I'm done! It takes a lot of my time, and while it's nice to sell something and make a little money, the mere thought of it mentally and physically exhausts me so much now, that it's really no longer worth it to me. I would much rather spend that time handstamping cards, working on my photographs (some of which I plan to sell in an Etsy shop I've set up, but who knows, it might feel too much like selling my stuff on eBay, and I might abandon the whole idea!), sitting on my patio with a cool beverage, watching a movie, going to the beach, or even just sleeping. So yeah. I mean I'll still be relisting stuff that doesn't sell for a few more months at least, but from now on, if I want to get rid of anything, it's going straight to Goodwill!

5. And, finally, when I was wondering around downtown last Saturday, I saw this cute idea for an Open sign - and a great way to reuse an old suitcase! - outside one of the many thrift stores that have recently opened up.  Have a great weekend everyone! Cheers!