Teaser Tuesday: The Unintentional Time Traveller by Everett Maroon
So excited to have received my Fredlet Original scarf yesterday! @Weetacon #sopretty

Weekend Recap

So I had a very long, very busy five days off from work. Last Thursday the 12th was a holiday, and I managed to get Friday the 13th off from work, then yesterday, the 16th was another holiday. And, I spent most of those days getting stuff done.

Thursday we just did our regular Saturday errands - post office to return things, Home Depot for paint and supplies, Staples for a new mini scanner, and Big Lots and the Discount Grocery store for food and sundries. It may not sound like much, but it was exhausting!

Friday mom and I dragged every single little thing out of the garage, decided whether or not to keep it, cleaned off the keepers, and put them back neatly in well organized, labeled bins. The non-keepers we took to Goodwill (after photographing some of the items that had some mild sentimental value to me) in two separate loads. It was an all-day job, it was hot and gross, but, Lord, it felt good to get it done! The garage is now clean and clutter-free!

Saturday we decided to take a day to have fun, and after breakfast at Bru, we planned to wander around the  lovely downtown Atascadero and go wine tasting, check out the new antique and thrift stores that just opened up, as well as some of the other quaint little shops, have lunch at Fig, and finish off with some tea at Wilwind. Sadly, things did not go as planned. The EmPOURium where we were going to do our wine tasting was closed (even though it was 11:20 am, and the sign said they open at 11:00 am.), as were several of the other stores we planned to visit (including The Barrel Room which also offers wine tasting, and Envisions Gallery, which I was surprised to find had gone completely out of business! So sad!), so we were only able to visit the two new thrift stores - Thistle Do Nicely and 805 Vintage, cute names, but we weren't impressed with either shop to be honest - Violette's Wings and Gifty Things, and Rhonda's Relics (both super fun, awesome stores!). It only took us aobut a half hour to check everything out, and since we were still full from breakfast, we decided to just skip lunch and tea, and just go home. It turned out to be a serious  bummer that left us wishing we'd just gone to Paso! Or Morro Bay. Or Cambria.

le sign.

Sunday was painting day. I had a wood CD cabinet in my previously light blue room, that was painted a slightly darker shade of blue than the walls just for fun. Since remodeling my bedroom, there's no space for it (and the colour doesn't match), so it has been residing in the den, which is painted light green and contains cream and dark brown furniture (so it still doesn't match!). So we purchased a quart of Glidden Banana Cream Pie coloured paint, and covered the CD case - as well as an old white Q-bit - in a couple coats to match the furniture we already had. They both turned out really well, and go much better with the other stuff in the room. Here's the before and after of the CD cabinet:


Finally, Monday was a free day, and I took the opportunity to get my hair cut (nothing drastic; just a trim, really) and indulge in a mani/pedi. It was SO nice to have a day to relax and reflect on all that we accomplished over the weekend! I still need to go through the rest of my closet and get rid of more stuff (to make way for spring stuff of course!), then attack the kitchen and den, but I'm thrilled with how successful this weekend really was!

Also, I hope everyone had an awesome Valentine's Day on Saturday! I made cards earlier, and mailed them out hopefully in time for people to get them.

I hope you all had a great weekend, too! Did you do anything fun? Do any work? Did you even have any holidays? Let me know in the comments! Cheers!