I'm seriously going to have to start lugging my good camera around every day! #okforaniphone
Your rain total from the latest storm (Friday night to Sunday morning): just about 4"! #slolife #atascaderoca

Friday Five: The Forgotten Phone Edition

Good morning, and TGIF!! So, for today's Friday Five, I was originally going to list the five subjects I'm contemplating studying for the Master's Degree I would like to get, but as I arrived at the bus stop, tragedy struck! I dug in my purse for my phone so I could read the early morning FB postings of my clever and witty friends, and suddenly realized: my phone was at home still plugged into the wall!

Oh! The horror!

Yes, I foolishly took my phone OUT of my purse this morning and decided to charge it up a bit more because it only had 85% power. Now, I've done this before, actually, have remembered to grab it before leaving. Today was not one of those days.

So, I'm having a Phone-Free Friday! Ack! After my initial panic attack, I started thinking back to when I did a Radical Sabbatical during September of 2013  where I basically went tech free for 30 days. It was hard at first to not check FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc., a few times a day and all day on the weekends, but in the end, it was almost freeing. It was like living in Ye Olden Days when we didn't carry cell phones on us at all times. We called people we needed or wanted to from our home phone or a phone booth, we visited friends we wanted to interact with, or we sent them letters through the post.   

Ahhh, the good old days!

So, yeah, that was a fun experiment, but not one I really wanted to do today! It's not 1984, it's 2015, and I miss my iPhone! So, here is today's Friday Five: Five Things I Miss Because I Don't Have My iPhone Today (*sniff*):

1.  Not being able to read my friends' early morning FB posts.  I have several very creative, funny friends who post mostly fun, witty entries very early in the morning. They are very entertaining, and their posts start my day off on the right note!

2.  Not being able to check my eBay stuff, or get notifications from eBay. (eBay is not available on our computers at work. Neither is FB, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest) It's always fun to get that little cash register cha-ching! sound when I've sold something, or checking in to see how many people are watching or have viewed my items.

3.  Not being able to take pictures. We had another gorgeous sunrise this morning, and I was unable to capture it. I was sad.

4.  Making a list. I've been making lists on the little notepad app that came with my phone. Today I have to jot things down on sticky notes like they did in the caveman days.

5.  Not being able to randomly tweet some witty, but inane tid-bit about myself or my day. For example, today's random tweet of no significance would have been:  I have long sleeve t-shirts to wear under sweaters, but did I remember to do so today? When it's cold? Um. No. I did not. Am dumb. And cold.  See? Aren't you sad you missed out on my brilliance today?

Have you ever forgotten your cell phone, or some other item of importance? How did you get along without it? Let me know in the comments! Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend! I'll see you next week! Cheers!