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My Word for 2015

So last year I chose the word Adventure to inspire me to step out of my comfort zone in 2014, and I very quickly came to that decision. I really wanted to be more adventurous and try new things, and most importantly, I was ready! I think I did an okay job of living up to my 2014 word: I participated in four 5k races, vacationed in Canada, embarked on a solo road trip across my home state of Washington, attended my 30th High School Reunion, and took ballet and tap dancing classes. Not too shabby, eh?

Finding my word for 2015 was not so easy. I really wanted to keep Adventure, because I still want to be adventurous and try new things. But, really, I needed to choose a new word, a different word. I can still have adventures, but I can work towards other goals as well. To help me decide, I participated in Susannah Conway's 5 day Find Your Word e-course and at the end of the fifth day I had two words that perfectly fit what I hope for my life in 2015: Calm and Create. I would like to be more calm this year, particularly about my health (which I'm hoping to improve upon this year with or without the help of the medical community), and I would also like to be more creative (stamp and do more crafts). After several days of internal deliberation, I decided to go with Create as my Word for 2015, because I don't just have to be creative with my rubber stamps, paper, and clay, but also with my health and fitness. I can try new recipes, supplements, and activities to become a healthier, happier person.

So there you have it! Create! I'm very excited and really looking forward to what this word leads me to! Did you pick a word to inspire you in 2015? Let me know in the comments! Happy New Year, and Cheers!