Back to the barre! Tonight I took a super fun (and super challenging!!) #Ballet #Yoga class at Eleve Barre with @ashleighbayard! Gonna be a fun 6 weeks! #dance
Teaser Tuesday: Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie

Friday Five: Week in Review

1. I wore my green and gold accessories all week despite my team being unable to hold on to a perfectly good lead for five freakin' minutes. I'm annoyed because, seriously, how do you throw away a perfectly good game right at the end?!? Gah! Nevertheless, I love my Packers, now and forever, and look forward to more great football from them next year! But for now, for the Superbowl, I'm going with my home-state team, so - Go Hawks!

2. My workout with Michael on Wednesday was one fo the better ones I've had since I stopped taking the prednisone. It was hard, but I lifted those weights, and climbed that stair climber, and, dammit, I just did it! And, I felt good afterwards.

3.  Yesterday evening I took my first Ballet Yoga class at Eleve Barre. It was hard. REALLY hard! My stiff muscles could barely do the poses, and I have no sense of balance whatsoever, but I'm hoping to improve over the next six weeks. Also, I really think I like yoga, and might make it a regular part of my fitness routine!

4.  I haven't called my doctor for a follow-up yet, but I will. He might not be able to help me, but maybe he knows someone who can.

5.  I really wish I'd had my real camera to get this awesome shot of the crescent moon last night, but, alas, I only had an iPhone. Still. Enjoy! Cheers!