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Fixing Gobo

So, just before Christmas last year I received a shipment from (unboxing post here), and inside was a totes adorbs glittery, golden faux deer head. Technically it's called "Antler Me This Wall Decor", because, as you may or may not know, Modcloth tends to give their items cute, clever, and unique names. Personally, I named him Gobo (explanation here) and decided he was perfect for my woodland-themed bedroom. Sadly, however, one of his little antlers was broken. Since this was the last faux deer head Modcloth had in stock, and I really really loved him, I contacted Modcloth customer service via email to see if they knew what to use to repair the broken antler. I very quickly received a reply from Briana who not only let me know that super glue would work perfectly, but also gave me a discount on the item since it was damaged. I was not expecting that, so it was super cool! 



So I picked up a bottle of this Krazy Glue at my local Big Lots. I love that it had a brush applicator at the end! This was going to make it SO much easier to fix the antler than if I had to deal with a regular tube of super glue. Past experiences with super glues have included having way too much glue spew out, and end up getting all over the item I'm trying to fix as well as my fingers and work surface. This brush, however, applied just the right amount of glue to each of the broken ends of the antler and no where else!






After gluing Gobo's antler back together, I let it sit so the glue could dry completely. There was a small seam visible, which wasn't too bad or obvious, but I still wanted to conceal it as best I could. I considered my collection of acrylic craft paints, rubber stamp ink pads, and glitter and embossing powders, but none of them were the right colour or glitter consistency. Then I checked my nail polish collection, and found this little tube of gold glitter accent nail polish - Stripe fx -  from Nailene, and lo and behold! It was a perfect match!



Now you can barely tell there was a break, and now it's time to mount it! I originally wanted to put Gobo up to the left of my bed between my dresser mirror and my closet. Sadkly, there is no stud in that space, and I really want to hang it on a stud. Yes, Gobo's not that terribly heavy as he's made of plastic, but when you live in earthquake country, you don't like taking any chances! So, I moved him over to the wall on the right side of the bed, found a stud, and, voila! Here's Gobo!

  Gobofix4  Gobofix1

I love Gobo SO much, and I'm thrilled to see my room start to come together. Now I just need a new clock, and maybe a new phone (preferably wall-mounted since I have no room on my dressers to set anything else), some art, and maybe some woodland decals.

Oh, and before I go, I should mention I added a Command picture hanging strip to the back of Gobo's mount that would adhere him to the wall to a little added stability. Sorry I didn't photograph that part, but I was quite excited to mount my deer head, and wanted to get back to watch the Green Bay Packers beat let the Seahawks kill a perfectly good lead right at the end of the game, and go to the lose their chance to get back to the SuperBowl, so I forgot.*

le sigh.

It's a pretty simple step, though, and I'm sure y'all can figure it out! While I was at it, I also used a Command strip to mount my silver daisy cross on the wall right above my owl light switch. I have one other cross to hang up, but it's not as easy as this one, as the hole that the nail is supposed to fit into is almost non-existent, so God knows how I'll get that to stay on the wall! Stay tuned for that entry! Cheers!


* When I first wrote this entry, the Packers were winning that game, and half the Seahawk fans had left. The Hawks made an amazing comeback at the last freaking minute, and won the game! Oh, well! As a born-and-raised-Washington-state girl, I guess all I can say is, Go Hawks! Kick those Patriots' asses! (Also, maybe it's a sign?) Anyway, it is what it is. Cheers!