Post-Christmas Friday Five
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Urban Decay Eye Shadow De-Potting

So during my last trip to Ulta, I was finally able to purchase the Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette (in Rebound; there are apparently other design choices). It's basically an empty container that you can fill up with the Urban Decay shadows of your choice, thus creating your own eye shadow palette.


During my first trip to Ulta, I purchased four Urban Decay shadows in Lost, Virgin, Sin, and Midnight Cowgirl. I wanted to pick up the Build Your Own Palette at that time, but they didn't have any. I was thrilled to find it in stock this trip, so I could finally de-pot my shadows and put them all in a more convenient container.



For this demo, I chose to use Sin, which is a lovely brown colour I primarily use in the crease of my eyelid. The Urban Decay eye shadow containers appear to be specially made to be de-potted, and there's a little notch located on the back of the container. I used a small cuticle pusher that fit perfectly into that and popped it right out.



The Build-Your-Own-Palette has two cut outs on opposite sides of each hole, and the de-potted shadow pops right in with the notched side facing the lower left cut out. The two cut outs appear to make it easier to remove shadow pots and either change them out or replace an empty one. Pretty convenient!


Here's my new, custom Urban Decay eye shadow palette with all four shadows in it. I love these colours - they are some of my favourite neutrals! The only colour I don't really like is Midnight Cowgirl, as there's too much green glitter in it, and I think it's unflattering. I might be popping that one out and replacing it with something else. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, and will try making your own custom palette! Cheers!