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Ulta Haul (Finally!!)

Hey, hi! I'm finally getting around to sharing some of the awesome beauty products I found and bought during my last trip to Ulta Beauty!

One thing I'm always looking for is a really good foundation, but it seems so hard to find. I want good coverage to conceal all my flaws, but don't want it to be too thick. I would love to find one that won't fall into all my wrinkles by the end of the day, and make them stand out more. And, most of all, I want it to blend in with my natural colour. This time I've decided to try Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition liquid foundation (in colour 1.0). It's supposed to help your skin "achieve a natural, illuminated and bright finish". The finish is supposed to be matte and luminous, but not shiny. We'll see!


And, just for fun I picked up this funky looking foundation brush from bareMinerals. The little reservoir in the middle is supposed to help you achieve a no-mess application of liquid make up. We'll see about that, too!


Since I was purchasing the foundation from Urban Decay, I decided to pick up the finishing powder from the same line in the hopes that the two would work together to make me look gorgeous!


I love the pretty little bag the container came in! I can use it to store small jewelry items for storage or travel.


The powder itself looks just like every other pressed powder ever in the world. This colour is Light.


And to help my foundation look even better I picked up Smashbox  Photofinish Foundation Primer, and also picked up Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer to (hopefully) keep my eye shadow from creasing.



And, speaking of eye shadow, I also picked up Too Faced Natural Eyes neutral eye shadow palette. Because apparently I can never have too many brown, cream, or taupe eye shadows!



Next is a tube of waterproofing topcoat for those mascaras I love but don't come in a waterproof formula. This is Lash Genius waterproof top coat from Anastasia. I haven't tried this one before (previously used bareMinerals Locked and Coated), so I'm excited to see how it works.


I was finally able to get ahold of this empty eye shadow container from Urban Decay. Apparently you're supposed to be able to take four of your individual tubs of UD eye shadows and put them in this handy dandy container. I'm looking forward to trying it, and will let you know how the "de-potting", as it's called, goes!


And, finally, this total impulse buy: a little tin of goodies from Butter London.


It contians all these mini tools to help give you the perfect manicure. I don't know why I bought it, to be honest. I have numerous nail files and buffers, as well as a little dotting tool, and tons of various sized brushes already at my disposal. Also, I really don't do a lot of fancy nail art; I'm doing good to change my nail colour once in a while! Maybe, in that moment of shopping weakness, I thought I might start being fancy. Who knows? 


Well, that's it for this haul! Hopefully I'll do better updating the next time I travel to Ulta (or Sephora, or even just Rite Aid!). I'll definitely follow up with the products I use, and let know if if I like them or not!

Happy Tuesday! Cheers!