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RainWe had our first really big storm of the season this past week, and it gave us just about 5" of rain overnight! Our dry creek apparently did a its job, because I didn't see any standing water in our backyard afterwards. Also, it appears all our trees and other plants survived the deluge and blustering winds, which I'm very grateful for. I know none of our stuff is very big, so if anything fell over, it wouldn't cause any damage, but I'd be sad to lose any of our trees, and would hate the mess of cleaning it all up. So now all I have to do to prepare for the next storm - supposedly coming tomorrow - is mow the front lawn and empty our rain gauge! Bring on the rain!


Friday Five - Five Classic Books for 2015

For many years I have tried to include on my reading list some classic novels - some I've read before, and some I've never read. One of my friends and I even tried having a Classic Literature Book Club and would pick some classic novels we wanted to read. It was always fun, even when we didn't finish. Well, I've decided to try again in 2015 to read some classic literature, and here are my five selections. Enjoy!

1.  Walden by Henry David Thereau. I read this one in high school for College Prep English, and really liked it. I think about it periodically and finally decided to just go ahead and reread it. Maybe then I'll get it out of my system!

2.  Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie. I've never actually read this book, though I have seen the Walt Disney movie (and probably owned the corresponding record album and picture book), and other Peter Pan related films like Hook. I tried to watch the dreadful live-action Peter Pan show on TV last week, but it was just too awful. I mean, seriously, you expect me to accept a 24-year-old woman as Wendy (honestly she and the actor playing the mother could've easily been the same age!!), and a 30-year-old woman as Peter Pan?!? Gah! It was so horrific, I couldn't even make it through the first half hour! Anyway, in order to get that horrible taste out of my mouth, I decided to immerse myself in the real Peter Pan, and will be reading the original novel pretty early on next year.

3.  The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Another book I've never read, although I have seen the movie.

4.  Something written by John Steinbeck. I was inspired to read some Steinbeck since vacationing in Monterey last month. However, I've already read Cannery Row and Of Mice and Men, so I can't really reread those, especially since I know he has several other books out. However I haven't had time to check any of them out and decide which one I want to read, yet, so stay tuned! 

5.  Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne. Never read it. Pretty sure there's a movie. Pretty sure I've seen it.

Well, there you have it! Feel free to read along with me this next year, if you like! Or let me know if there are any classic books you're planning to read in the comments! Cheers!



I usually never remember my dreams. I mean, maybe when I first wake up I'll remember a little bit, and throughout the day I might recall a moment or a feeling about it, but no major details about the dream itself. Also, if it's the middle of the night, I will usually just fall back to sleep, so by the time I get up in the morning, any details of the dream are long gone. I know you're supposed to keep a notebook by your bed, and write down your dream immediately upon waking, but if I did that at 2 AM, I'd never get back to sleep! And I would be very cranky the next day. Trust me when I say, no one wants that!

Anyway, strangely enough, I had a rather vivid dream last night that I actually remember quite a bit of today! For whatever reason, I had applied for a research-type position at a business that was associated with the courts, but wasn't exactly the courts. And, it was in Bakersfield. Don't ask me why. I've heard very negative things about Bakersfield, and even hear people refer to it as "The Armpit of California" Apparently it gets very hot and gross there, but it's gets pretty hot here, too, and people don't insul ... well, let me take that back, as I have heard people insult Atascadero (Atrashcadero, for one), but what are you gonna do with a town who's name literally translates to "mud hole"?

Anyway, Bakersfield is seriously one of the last places in the state I would want to go to, so why I dreamed about moving there is beyond me. In my dream, however, Bakersfield was a beautiful smallish town with a tree-lined downtown similar to SLO, and I was looking forward to living there very much. I was interviewing in a gorgeous, all-glass building surrounded by trees, and filled with streamlined, mid-century modern furnishings and art. The boss was a 35-year-old, long-haired, bearded, Levi's-wearing, peace-and-love hippie, and I was SO THRILLED to be working in just a laid-back, comfortable environment. Sounds kinda crazy, but it felt (in the dream) really good!

Yes, I got the job. It was wonderful, and I lived happily ever after.

What it all means, I don't know, but I was pretty excited to have remembered so much of my dream!

Do you remember any dreams? What kind of weird things do you dream about? Let me know in the comments! Sleep tight! Cheers!