Day 24 of #DecemberReflections: Presents. A peek into our @ToysForTots_USA haul this year! #totsfortots #usmarines #giving
Happy #Christmas Eve!

Modcloth Unboxing!

Shopping again!?! Why, yes! This time I picked up a few more items from my favourite online shop, Including a piece to decorate my newly painted bedroom! So excite! Let's get to it!

The shipment came in two boxes, but this smaller once was super cute with the holiday motif.


Inside were three delightful things. And just as with the shoes I purchased earlier, they all had super fun, cute names!


1. A cozy-looking pair of grey socks with little reindeer (Most Wonderful Time of the Reindeer socks).


2. A darling (and dangerous!) gold unicorn ring (Forest Gumption Ring).


3. A totes adorbs travel pillow shaped like a little brown bear (Bear You've Been Travel Pillow).



In the larger box (without the festive decor), was ... OMG! Another box!


Heh! Inside that smaller box is the piece I've been contemplating buying for quite some time: a faux deer head (Antler Me This wall decor). The last time I checked, there one one head remaining, so I just bought it. I love the gold colour. Another one I was looking at was all white, which I thought would look good against my grey coloured walls, but I think the gold will work, too.


Sadly, one of the antlers was broken when I took it out of the box. I think I can glue it back on, but I'm going to have to think about whether or not to keep it after all.


Because another concern is the size. It is quite small. I was thinking of a life-size head originally. Then again, I do have a small room, so perhaps this smaller head will fit in better and not overwhelm the space. I'll have to think about it.


It does look pretty good on my wall, though! Gah! I'll have to sleep on it. Yeah, it's late, and time to snuggle up with my  new pillowbear and catch some Zs. Cheers!