Day 16 of #DecemberReflections: On the table.
Day 19 of #DecemberReflections: Delicious.

A Few of My Favourite Things: December 2014

I know I'm running a little late with my  Favourite Things post,  and I'm SO terribly sorry, but things, you know, they happen. Anyway, here's my list, enjoy!

Cosmetics: I'm very excited to report I found TWO bottles of got2be Smooth Operator at CVS last month! I was afraid I would still have to trim the ends off my hair because they looked fried, but after using Smooth Operator for a couple weeks, the ends are much smoother and softer, so I might not have to. At least not right away.

Fragrance: I wore Burberry Brit Sheer almost exclusively throughout December. It's a nice, light fragrance that I've grown quite fond of.

Fashion: I loved all my fun sweaters from Lane Bryant, and pretty much wore them once a week all December long (and will probably continue to if this cold continues!). My only disappointment was with the fox sweater - the threads caught on everything and I ended up with tons of pulls to fix every week.

Book: I started reading The Curiosity in December, and really, really love it! It's an interesting concept, interestingly written, and filled with interesting characters! It's also, like, 400 pages long, so I'll be reading it for a while yet!

Music: Christmas music FTW!

TV:  SyFy's show Ascension was pretty darn good (except it didn't really END, did it?!?), as was TNT's The Librarians.

Food: Gingerbread cookies, Aplets and Cotlets, and peppermint bark.

Beverages: Eggnog!

Okay, that's it! At least that's everything I can remember enjoying in December. Did you have anything that you really loved last month? Are you still enjoying it now? Let me know - I'm curious! Cheers!