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2014: The Year of the 5k!

So, one of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to run a 5k. Well, to be honest I didn't run a single race this year. I did, however, walk the following four races! The first two races I chose to participate in because the proceeds went to organizations I was happy to support - as a former high school band geek, the Morro Bay High School Music Department held a special place in my heart, and the Charles Paddock Zoo, located in Atascadero, CA, is one of my favourite places in town to visit . The third one was just for fun (and was untimed, so I had to use my phone to see when I started and finished to determine my approximate time) and because I was going to be in Colfax for my high school reunion at the time,  anyway. And the last one was close to home and sounded like a good excuse to spend a long weekend in a beautiful locale. Here are my races and times:

5/31/14 Morro Bay HS Bands on the Run 5k - 1:00:32
7/4/14 Kennedy Club Fitness Wild Run 5k - 0:54:15
7/19/14 Concrete River Festival Colour Run 5k - 0:54:00
11/15/14 Pacific Grove Lighthouse 5k - 00:53:44

I'm actually pretty thrilled with my results. I do wish I could've run at least one of them, but the polymyalgia rheumatica kinda limits the amount of strenuous activity I can do. Still, it's not bad considering I'd never done a 5k before! I haven't decided if I'll try any 5ks next year or not. We'll have to wait and see!