Friday Five: Highlights from My Long Weekend in Monterey
Big mess on Cuesta Grade. Thankfully we got the comfortable bus! Might be on the road awhile!

Unconventional Holiday Plans

So, my mom and I have decided to think totally out of the box with the holidays this year. We're going to have Unconventional Holidays!!

You see, originally I was totally planning to do a traditional Thanksgiving feast for the two of us - a turkey (albeit totally wee; there are just two of us after all!), stuffing, green bean casserole, baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows, biscuits, cranberry jelly, pumpkin pie ... the works! I was seriously craving Thanksgiving dinner, and I couldn't wait!

However, after binging on KFC this past week, neither of us are really in the mood for more poultry, so I thought, hey, let's have something completely different for Thanksgiving this year: New York strip steaks and baked potatoes with steamed green beans or roasted Brussels sprouts! Yup. That's the Jordan Family Thanksgiving menu for 2014! Heck, this Unconventional Holiday Meal might just become the norm for us! 

And for Christmas Eve dinner, I think a sampling of a variety of desserts might be fun. Mom and I always say we should just have a light lunch, or just a snack, then go to a fancy restaurant and share a couple uber awesome desserts. But, then we never do. We'll either have too big a lunch, or a full dinner, and have no room for dessert. So I'm going to hit up Von's and pick up some of their mini desserts - cake slices, cheesecake bits, cream puffs, mini pies, a fruit torte, or some other delicious pastry. Just something sweet, delicious, and different!

For Christmas Day dinner we might do a Mexican feast with tacos, enchiladas, chips and dips, guacamole, refried beans, nachos, and, of course, margaritas! And, New Year's Eve might be a selection of appetizers or a fancy cheese and meat plate. I haven't thought that far ahead, yet. Right now I'm just concentrating on Thanksgiving. And, I'm very, very excited about it!

So what are your Thanksgiving plans? Traditional? Non traditional? Nothing at all? Whatever you decided, I hope it's awesome! Cheers!