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Day one of #DecemberReflections: Drink.

Friday Five: The Thankful Edition

I suppose it's a cliché to write a "What I'm Thankful For" post this time of year, but whatever. There are lots of things and people I'm thankful for, and I never really say it out loud. I mean, I figure everyone knows I love and appreciate them, but ... maybe not. So, here's my list of five things/people I'm thankful for. Cheers!

1.  My awesome family. Of course they would be number one! My dad was the best dad ever and I miss him every day, my mom is fantastic and I'm thankful I still have her in my life.  My grandparents were wonderful and I miss them terribly. My aunts, uncles, and cousins are all so fun and fabulous, and I enjoy hearing of their adventures through FB! I'm definitely very lucky to have been surrounded by such amazing, loving people my whole life.

2. My amazing friends. Throughout my life I've been blessed to connect with some of the most brilliant, intelligent, creative people on the planet, and really so many of them are more than just friends, but are really like family to me. They inspire me, encourage me, and make me laugh. It doesn't get better than that!

3.  My job. I'm not just thankful to have a job, I'm very thankful for the job I have. It's a very tough job in so many ways, but it's also a very rewarding job in so many ways. I'm also very lucky that I have wonderful co-workers I like and enjoy working with eight hours a day, five days a week!

4. My health. That may sound odd considering I'm dealing with polymyalgia rheumatica and possibly some arthritis in my knees, so I'm not 100%, but for the most part I've been totally healthy my whole life - I was born without any defects or challenges, and until the last couple of years, I've been healthy and active. (And, I'm quite confident I will be again very soon!) Considering I haven't had the healthiest of habits throughout my life, I'm quite lucky to still be so healthy, and I'm very thankful for that!

5.  My freedom. The USA might not be the world's most perfect country, but we have a lot more freedoms here than in other countries. Here I am free to openly carry my Bible and read it wherever, whenever I like. I am free to be a single woman, and should I ever decide to marry, I am free to choose my own husband. I am free to share my opinions out loud, even if they're not popular. I am free to own property and have a job. I also know that most of the time I take these freedoms for granted, and sometimes it's good to remind myself just how lucky I am to have been born in this country.