Happy Halloween #OOTD: @TorridFashion skull/roses top and red shrug cardi, rose earrings & necklace from @ModCloth, Canadian jade maple leaf earring, & @Chanel Black Satin polish. Cheers! #fashion #halloween
We finally got rain!! Almost 2.5 inches since Friday! So exciting!

A Frightful Friday Five

TGIF and Happy Halloween! I regret I've done nothing for the "holiday" this year besides buy a funky pair of shoes and pull out all my skeleton/skull clothes and jewelry (which I basically wear all the time anyway, because I love skeletons and skulls!) to wear to work. Also, I bought a small bag of candy because there are a couple houses in the neighbourhood that have small children who might come trick-or-treating at our house. But, that's it. No decorating the house, no Jack O'Lantern on the front porch, nothing. I would feel guilty, but I'm just to dang tired.

Anyway. I thought about doing a Halloween-themed Friday Five this week, hence the post title, but in the end I couldn't really come up with anything too terribly frightening, so here's a regular old update instead.

1.  I saw my chiropractor this past Tuesday and my jaw feels MUCH better than it has in a good couple weeks! It's still a bit tight (the TMJ is primarily on the left side), but there's a lot less pain and I can close my mouth all the way! Yay for adjustments!

2.  After my appointment, I stopped by Ulta and picked up a few things. I fear this may become a monthly habit routine, as the Ulta is on my way home from the chiropractor. I used to stop at the Target center to go to Famous Footwear and buy shoes, but since I discovered ModCloth's awesome selection of shoes, I probably won't need to stop at FF for anything other than my cross trainers and Sketchers walkers. In fact I hadn't been to the Target center in quite a while; I was saving quite a bit of money. Then Ulta came. And everything changed. Anyway. Stay tuned for a new Ulta haul coming soon!

3.  This weekend begins the Great Bedroom Redecorating 2014 in earnest. The plan is to buy three or four tester colours to paint on the wall, wash the walls, move out some furniture, and clean the baseboards (mostly to see if I 'll need to paint them, too. I sincerely hope not!). The original plan was to do the painting over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend, but if I get a paint colour chosen and purchased this next week, we might get it all done next weekend!

4. Also this weekend NaNoWriMo starts, and I have no idea what I'm writing. I have three old story ideas I've been toying around with and may revive one of them, or I might just pick a new, out-of-my-comfort-zone genre and write something completely different. I dunno. Yet.

5. Oh, and btw, here's my paint colour short list paintchips with my ceiling light on and off. I've been toying with greys and sages, but, leaning more towards the lighter of the greys. I don't really want my room to be too dark, like a cave, but at the same time I want some show of colour; not just some washed-out shade. I'm still on the fence, but have to decide this weekend. Stay tuned!