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A Few of My Favourite Things: October 2014

Hello, and welcome to NOVEMBER!! Holy cow this year is flying by! I would seriously love to just stop and catch my breath, but unfortunately this month will be even busier with a 4-day weekend/vacation in Monterey where I'll also be participating in a 5K (which I have NOT trained for AT ALL, and will probably DROP DEAD during the course of, just FYI), NaNoWriMo, and some bedroom remodelling/painting over Thanksgiving weekend. Sheesh! I'm exhausted just thinking about it all!

Anyway, before I dive headfirst into the madness that will be the next 30 days of my life, let me share a few of my favourite things from October. Enjoy!

Cosmetics: I started using Maybellene Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Soft Brown this past month, and really really like it! Yes, I was super excited about the at-home brow tinting kit I'd been using since last July, because it was easy and saved me a couple steps in the morning, but I found this product just about the time I was ready to tint my brows again, and found the Brow Drama applied really easily and quickly, made my brows slightly darker (but not too dark), appear a little thicker, and even disguised my grey eyebrow hairs (SO embarrassed to admit I even HAVE grey eyebrow hairs, but hey, there ya go, full disclosure!). That's not something I was able to do with a simple eyebrow pencil, so, yeah, I'm impressed!

Recently I dug out a bunch of autumn-coloured nail polishes I've been saving just for this time of year, and had two in particular I really liked. The first is one of my all-time faves: a limited edition Cover Girl 3-in-1 polish in Autumn Flame. I bought this at an Ulta store in Costa Mesa many, many, MANY years ago, and have been hoarding it ever since. Seriously, I only use it once a year, and even then, only once or twice because I can't find it anymore, and I love it!

My second favourite autumn colour is one I bought a few months ago: Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis in Inferno. I believe this was a special edition to go with the Hunger Games movie that was released earlier this year, but it's a perfect colour for fall, so I saved it, cause it's a really teeny tiny bottle.

So, I've been using the Urban Decay's eye shadows I bought recently at Ulta (in Sin, Lost, and Virgin) all month, and I love them! I know I stayed in my comfort zone and ended up choosing similar colours to my favourite CoverGirl eyeshadow trio (Cafe au Lait), which is basically some tan/brown/nudes. The Urban Decay ones are a bit bolder than the CG's and are a bit sparkly, glittery, gah, I don't know exactly what, but no matter how careful I am, or how hard I tap off the excess shadow, I always end up with a lot of sparkle-glitterness on my nose and cheeks, which is cute when you're five, but is a bit annoying when you're a few years older (heh) ... 

However ... that brings me to my ...

Fave Beauty Tip of the Month: My cousin-in-law, Jocelyn from BootCampBeauty.com recently gave me some great advice about this very problem.  She told me she found it helpful to put on the eye make up first, THEN the foundation, blush, and finishing powder. I tried it, and voila! No more unwanted glitter on my face! Yay! Thanks, Joceclyn, you rock! (Seriously, go check out her YouTube channel, Boot Camp Beauty Tips!)

Fashion: I did some shopping over the past couple months, and ended up with some really cute new things. Unfortunately I haven't been photographing my Outfit of the Day very often, because it's so dark in the morning when I'm getting ready for work that even with my bedroom light and the hall light on, it's hard to get a good picture of the clothes. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do about that just yet, so, stay tuned, I guess. I did, however, just do a shoe unboxing post, so you can go check that out if you're so inclined!

Music: I don't remember what ad it's been playing on, but I've been enjoying the revival of Andrew W.K.'s song Party Hard - just as much head-banging fun as I remember! Also, just discovered a super cool new violinist, Lindsey Sterling, through nerdist.com. Vanessa-Mae will always be my all-time fave, but this chick's talented!

So that's it! What were some of your favourite things from the month of October? Let me know in the comments!

By the way, sorry I don't have any pictures - my iPhone is basically full and won't let me take any more pics, and my regular camera is having issues with memory cards. Hopefully I'll be able to fix one or both problems soon! Have a great November, everyone! Cheers!