Super bright pink contrails in the sky this morning. They were actually brighter IRL! #sky
Friday Five

TGIF + 3-Day Weekend = AWESOME!

Boy howdy, am I glad it's Friday! This week went by lightning fast, and I'm happy to say it wasn't horrible, but, still, Friday is always a darn good day! Here are five random things about this past week. Enjoy!

1.  I saw Gone Girl last night and must say I thought it was really, really good! I read the book, I think last year, so I honestly don't remember it too well, but I think the movie followed the book pretty closely to what I remember. Also, I saw it in the VIP theater where one can imbibe a nice glass of wine to go with the popcorn - J. Dusi Pinot Grigio, for those who wonder and care - so that upped the enjoyment factor.

2. The tap dancing class I'm taking was cancelled this week because apparently we wrecked the floor last week! Yikes! While the cancellation was disappointing, what's worse is that Ashleigh sent out an email Tuesday alerting everyone to the cancellation, but since I don't read my emails but two or three times a week, I didn't get it. And showed up. D'oh! Also annoying about that is that if I'd been reading my emails, I would've known soon enough that I could've contacted my trainer and worked out at Kennedy on Wednesday! (That's our usual day, but since I'm taking tap, I'm not going to Kennedy right now.) The moral of this story, I guess, is that I need to start checking my emails every day!

3.  It's been a couple days since we've seen any ants in the kitchen, so hopefully, fingers crossed, I'll be able to do some cooking this weekend! We've been doing a lot of take-out, deli, and microwave-in-the-bag stuff with salads, and I'm ready for something fresh! Unfortunately my favourite cooking magazine, Clean Eating, has, of late, been filled with a lot of difficult recipes, and I've only found one maybe two per issue that I could even consider trying. So many of the recipes have odd ingredients that I can't even find at Von's, let alone the Grocery Outlet, or they feature really expensive ingredients like steak and lobster. I may go back and check out some older issues, or just go with one of my all-time fave cookbooks, Eating for Life by Bill Phillips. Those recipes are pretty straightforward, and have easy-to-find and usually inexpensive ingredients.

4.  I just realized I've completely forgotten I was participating in FMS' Photo a Day this month! I'm WAY behind, but hope to catch up this weekend!

5. Finally, I'm very excited that Monday is a holiday, and I have the day off work. Especially since today was NUTS! I'll probably need to do some work at home rather than go play somewhere (OMG, Cambria, I miiiisssss you!), but still, whatever it is, I can do it in comfy clothes, no make-up, and my hair up in a bun!