Two-fer Teaser Tuesday
Happy Halloween #OOTD: @TorridFashion skull/roses top and red shrug cardi, rose earrings & necklace from @ModCloth, Canadian jade maple leaf earring, & @Chanel Black Satin polish. Cheers! #fashion #halloween

Shoe Unboxing!

So, I went a bit nuts lately and bought a bunch of shoes from Originally there was just one pair I was going to buy, but then I found another, and another, and pretty soon, I'd purchased four pair of shoes!! Granted I could've bought TONS more, but I held back. Just a little.

Anyway, here's what I got:

This first pair is just a simple pair of black suede, open-sided, pointy-toed flats by Breckelle's which will be perfect for work. In fact, I've already worn these once, and they were quite comfortable and looked great with my black cigarette pants and peplum top! If you've shopped ModCloth before you know they give their items cute, fun, quirky names. These shoes are called  Navigating the Neighbourhood.




The next pair of shoes are from Jeffrey Campbell (so it says on the inside of the shoe) but came in this super girly decorated box. Even the inside of the box was decorated with little smiling, prancing unicorns as well as a letter from Chloe. I'm not sure who Chloe is, or if she works for Jeffrey Campbell, but who cares, whatever, check out the shoes: THEY LOOK LIKE PENCILS!!! Sorry to be all shouty, but OMG, totes adorbs! They're even called Pencil Me In!





Next is a pair of black flats with Sugar Skulls which will be perfect for Halloween, but I plan to wear them periodically even afterwards. (Maybe. Perhaps I'll store them and just wear them once or twice a year like I do my Christmas shoes! More room in my closet for another pair of shoes!!) These are from T.U.K. and are called Skull Pride. I wore these to work once already as well, and they were quite comfy and looked super cute with a maxi skirt!




And, finally, the shoes that started it all: Edgy Yet Adorable. (Why they don't have a better name, I'll never know, because seriously if you browse the shoes (or anything) at ModCloth, most of the names are super cute and/or fun, and I just don't think the name matches the shoes.) These funky black Mary Janes are by Anarchic by T.U.K. and I cannot wait to wear them! They were actually out of stock the first time I saw them on the website, but I put my name on the waiting list, and just a couple weeks later, they were available. I mention that becasue I see they're out of stock again, but don't dispair! They might be able to get a pair for you if you really want them! (And I know you do!)





And here they are all in a row! Just for reference, all the shoes are a size 10 regular. I can sometimes get away with a 9.5 if it's a wide width, but a) most of these didn't come in half sizes, and b) I didn't want to buy two pair of the same shoe to try on and then have to send one back. The box was already ginormous!


I hope you enjoyed my shoe haul, and I hope you'll visit yourself to hunt down some fun, funky, unique items for yourself! Stay tuned for a new Ulta haul coming soon! Cheers!