TGIF + 3-Day Weekend = AWESOME!
#OOTD: @igigistyle Delray maxi skirt in black & Mindy top in chili red. #plussize #fashion Also a cute skull necklace from Torrid, and Blowfish open-toe shoes to show off my fresh pedi with OPI's Big Apple Red. Cheers!

Friday Five

Wow, I've really been slacking on the blogging front, haven't I? My apologies, but I've been inSANEly busy lately. No, really, I have! Check it out:

1. So, after cleaning out my closet recently (which in itself, took some time!), I found a LOT of stuff to put for sale on eBay. That requires photographing the item, writing up a description, and in some cases doing measurements (skirt and pant lengths, sleeve lengths, waist widths, etc.), which admittedly I slacked on this past weekend, because there was SO much to put on, and it was literally taking HOURS, and I just wanted to watch FOOTBALL, DAMMIT. Over the past three weekends, I've added 23 items, and ended up selling 13, which is super exciting, but is also a lot of work: I have to pack the sold item (which sometimes requires running to Staples to buy a box and packing tape), print out the packing slip and shipping label, and run it to the post office, and depending on how big the box is, I might have to wait till Saturday when it's actually open. Phew! Anyway, I think I'm done putting stuff on eBay except for some old carousel horses, but I believe I already have photos and write-ups from the last time I had them online.

2. I went a bit nuts shopping on line the past few weeks as well, so there was a lot of time spent opening boxes, trying stuff on, and packing up and returning the stuff that didn't fit, or just didn't look as good IRL as it did online. (Sadly there was a LOT more of the latter, which makes me kinda cranky!) I'm planning to do a blog post with all the fun new outfits I've purchased recently, but with the exception of a bunch of shoes I just received recently, I already tossed the boxes the stuff came in (or used them to send the unwanted, not-as-nice-as-it-looked-on-the-website stuff back), so it won't be a true "unboxing" post, just a "here's what I bought" post.

3. I am planning to remodel my bedroom a bit, and by "a bit" I mean slap on a new coat of paint, switch out some pictures/stuff I've had on my wall for YEARS, and welcome a new addition: a lovely mid-century modern nightstand that exactly matches the bedroom furniture I have now. Anyway, I've been taking stuff off the walls and out of the nighstands I currently have in preparation, and dumping a lot of stuff I don't plan to bring back. I also picked up a bunch of paint swatches at Home Depot and tacked them to the wall with blue painter's tape so I could look at them at various times of the day and night, and in natural and artificial light. Who knew there could be so many different shades of grey? (no pun intended)

4. Work. 'Nuff said.

5. And finally there's been a lot of yard work going on - lawn mowing and trimming, leaf raking and blowing, and adding rocks to the top of our dry creek bed in the hopes of preventing too many leaves and too much dirt getting in the creek and clogging the drain - and this weekend is no exception. We're planning to cut back the bunch grasses and trim the rosemary in preparation for what we hope will be a very wet winter!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Cheers!