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New Art Wall display. From left to right, top to bottom: Victoria, BC harbour at sunset; Space Needle in Seattle, WA; sunset over Lake Coeur d'Alene, ID; paraglider over Lake Coeur d'Alene, ID; Ross Fountain, Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC; wheat field ou

Weekend Recap

Over the past couple weekends, my mom and I have been tackling a backyard project: removing two large shrubs from along the back fence, which we did last weekend, then adding a border and mulch, which we did this weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't take an official before picture, and the only picture I could find showing the shrubs at all was taken back in April of this year. They're not perfect, but you can kinda get an idea of just how big these shrubs (shown in the background against the fence) were:

This other photo of one of my garden gnomes kinda shows how big the shrubs were, as well as the irises, which we also took out:

I tried to take a couple after pictures from the same angles as the before pictures, so you can kinda see what a vast improvement we made:

Here's a shot straight on from the patio. You can see the faux stone boarder we added, as well as the strip of river rock (which is slightly larger than the pea gravel, but blended in really well, I think), and the bark we added in front of the fence.

That slumped over clump of grass on the left-hand side of the picture? Was completely covered by one of the shrubs. We had no idea it was even there! And that back row of round paving stones? We haven't seen them in years! Also, you can see how tall the one shrub was by where it scraped the dark wood fence when the wind blew.

Also, here's a shot of the two large stumps we dug out of the ground. The first (tall one standing up) came out really easy, but the smaller one (on its side) fought us very hard for several hours. However, we were triumphant, and now have a nice, neat space in front of the fence.

As a reward for getting this hideous job done, we celebrated with a glass of Junebug Riesling, which is one of our favourite wines. The Grocery Outlet doesn't carry it anymore, so we've been hoarding our last few bottles for special occasions!