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Friday Five - Last of August

1.  Had a very short, very busy, and kinda crappy week this week, so my Friday Five won't be as interesting or fun as previous weeks. Sorry 'bout that! Anyway, I took Monday off as a vacation, totally spaced off my chiropractor appointment on Tuesday evening (but managed to get in last night), and ended up violently ill on Wednesday (I think from a dodgy, off-brand frozen Indian meal). I got through work on yesterday by the skin of my teeth, and today, well, I'm just glad Monday's a holiday, because I'm beat!

2. So, last weekend my mom and I wrestled two ginormous shrubbery from our backyard. Sadly I forgot to take before pictures, and I'm saving the after picture for Monday when we've finished the task by adding a border and some bark to the now-empty space. The first shrub came out without a fight, but the second one put up quite a struggle. I ended up with two huge bruises on my left arm and thumb, and several scratches on both arms and legs! Still, after a day and a half battle, the little bastard was weeping sappy tears in my green waste bin! Never try to fight a Capricorn! We're stubborn and refuse to fail!

3.  Also last weekend, we had the guy who fixed our back fence last April replace some of the front boards on our house (forgive the lack of technical terms, but I can't remember what the boards are actually called - they're the ones that go across the front and make the pointy bit at the top), so now they're safe, look pretty, and are ready to have new gutters attached, hopefully in the next couple of weeks!  Bring on El Nino!

4.  We also now have a reliable, bonded, licensed handyman, so we're making a list of all the stuff we'd like to have done around the house. First up: a new kitchen sink! Later we'll have him do some tiling, switch out our fugly light fixtures for cool ones, and maybe even re-do my bathroom.

5.  I've done a lot of on-line shopping recently, and while I ended up sending a lot of stuff back, I did wind up with a few really nice fall/winter outfits. This time I honestly tried to be realistic about my purchases by seriously considering whether or not I'd really wear the stuff. I did this mostly based on my past shopping history, which involves buying stuff I like the look of (or the idea of), and think I would like to wear, but in the end - sometimes months or years later - I never end up wearing them, and wind up having to try to sell the stuff on eBay to try to get back some of the money I spent. It's stupid, I know, which is why I'm trying to do better.

Anyway, there you go! Happy Friday, and here's hoping next week is much, much better!  Cheers!