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Friday Five: Summer Vacation Planning Edition

Wow, I can't believe it's the last Friday in June already!  How did THAT happen?!? I'm now 13 (well, technically twelve-and-a-half) days from my Summer Vacation, and I'm excited and stressed at the same time. So, here's my Friday Five for the week containing some things I've managed to get done, and some things that might not get done.

1.  Wednesday I got my vision checked, and ordered some new prescription sunglasses, which will hopefully make driving much easier. I also decided to go with progressive lenses, so I should be able to see in the distance as well as up close. It'll be nice to not have to take my glasses off and put on readers to, say, read a menu at a sidewalk cafe. If I like the sunglasses, I'll have my regular glasses done that way as well. The only problem with that is, they'll have to take my glasses, as those frames aren't available anymore, so I'll be blind for a few weeks. Still, that's a project for AFTER my vacation!

2. I ordered some packing cubes which will hopefully make packing and travelling a lot easier! Since I'm driving across Washington state, I'll be staying in several hotels along the way, so I needed a fast and easy way to pack and organize my clothes.

3. I realized on Tuesday I screwed up the dates on my car reservations, and panic ensued! Luckily I was able to not only fix it, but managed to still get a convertable! (And, yes, I realize now that I will not be driving around the perpetually sunny central coast of California where it does not rain in the summertime, but instead across the state of Washington where, okay, now that you mention it,  I do recall we periodically got summer thunderstorms. So, if it rains for a full week up there this July, you can blame me.)

4. So a couple weekends ago, I finally decided I'd better get reservations at a hotel in Colfax, but, oops, guess what? They're booked! Of course! It's a huge event, and there are only two hotels in town (which is actually up form the 1 they used to have!), what was I thinking?!? Gah! So, I booked a hotel in Pullman, knowing that it'll be a pain to drive back and forth, and possibly not having a chance to shower after the colour run on Saturday. But! I kept checking every day or so, just in case a room became available. Tuesday was that lucky day for me, and now I can relax even more about my trip!

5. Finally, I still have so much to do, and I might end up not doing a bunch of stuff just to take some of the pressure off. I wanted to get my eyelashes dyed, as I thought that might save me a lot of getting-ready time during my trip, but I don't know if I'll be able to fit it in. Also, I was going to get my hair cut and dyed like this: 

(Photo of Emma Stone ganked from some gossip site; don't know who's picture it is, but I know it's not mine.)

But again, time is quickly sliding by; tomorrow is booked and next Friday is booked, too (as well as being a holiday, so there probably wouldn't be any salons open anyway), and, and, and ... I might end up just dying it myself and getting a quick trim at Fantastic Sam's, as per usual. What do you think? Should I go for it, or not?

Anway, phew! I'm exhausted just writing all that! Still, I'm SO looking forward to this vacation, and I can hardly wait! What are your summer vacation plans?