#ootd: Torrid white jeans & top, Gap cardi, Fergie shoes, & necklace is, I think, Express. #tgif #plussize #fashion #shoes #toes
#ootd Black knit maxi skirt, leopard Tee and black crop cardi - all @TorridFashion. Shoes are Blowfish. #plussizefashion #summer

Freaky Friday Five

I only call it a Freaky Friday Five because I'm FREAKING OUT about my upcoming activities and  vacation! Naturally I've left EVERYTHING for the last possible minute and I'm seriously stressing like mad!

1. The Good: I finally have all my hotel and auto reservations for my trip to WA state and class reunion in July. The Bad: I procrastinated too long and didn't get a room in Colfax for Friday/Saturday, and instead have to stay in Pullman, and drive back and forth. Also I stupidly only reserved my car (requested a convertible like a Mustang!!) through the 2oth when I'll be in Coeur d'Alene for the weekend and the resort has an airport shuttle I can take on Monday. Now that I've changed my mind, the car I want is not available for the two additional days, and there are no more convertibles available at all. grr. The Ugly: Since I didn't get a room in Colfax and will have to check out Saturday before the Colour Run, I'll be a hot, colourful mess while roaming through the rest of the Concrete River Festival, and later driving to Coeur D'Alene and checking into the Resort. Should be fun.

2. The Good: Yes, I signed up for two more 5Ks: The Wild Run, a fundraiser for the Charles Paddock Zoo in Atascadero held on July 4th and sponsored by Kennedy Club Fitness, and the Colour Run (technically I'm doing the "Fitness Walk", but it's still the 5K distance) in Colfax on the 19th. The Bad: Despite having one 5K under my belt, I'm nervous as hell for the upcoming Wild Run. Don't ask me why because I don't know. The Ugly: See The Ugly in #1 about not being able to run to my hotel room and shower after the Colfax Colour Run and before travelling to Coeur d'Alene Resort.

3.  The Good: I discovered though my friend MoPie, a possible time-saving beauty treatment: eyelash tinting. My eyelashes are veryvery pale and not terribly long and.or lush, so when I don't wear mascara, I look like I don't have lashes at all, and generally just look hideous. But putting on mascara takes time, is often messy, and even when using the waterproof stuff, usually smudges, smears, or gets wiped off  because my eyes water constantly.  The Bad: Naturally I've waited until the last possible minute to consider getting this procedure done, and while I've found a place in Atascadero that does it. I'm cutting it close to actually being able to get an appointment before leaving for vaycay. The Ugly: not sure there is one for this, except maybe just not being able to get an appointment and/or an allergic reaction to the dye. We'll have to see.

4.  The Good: In other, non-vacation news, I've been doing pretty well at wearing more skirts and dresses to work as per my June Resolutions. I've even received compliments on a couple outfits! The Bad: I'm still not very comfortable in skirts and dresses, which was really the goal of this resolution, as I hoped to dress nicer more often. The Ugly: My legs are really fat and ugly, so the shorter dresses/shirts will probably only be worn once, if at all, and if so, probably never again.

 5: The Good and the Gorgeous: my red tea roses have decided to bloom again, and both plants look great. My Midas Touch rose looks fabulous, as always! Cheers!