Found a pair of my fave shoes on eBay recently - Blowfish Malibu! Now I can show off my pedis again! #fabulousfootwearfriday #toes
Freschetta #glutenfree 4-cheese frozen pizza w/ mushrooms and Johnsonville sausage added for fun! Delicious! #tgif

Friday Five

  • Frequent readers will know I've been struggling with pain and stiffness in my shoulders, arms, hips, and legs since last August. (We figured it was just "The Johnston Curse" or "The Stiffness" that my grandpa suffered with for years, but after finding some of my grandfather's insurance forms, and doing some research on the internet, I discovered it's actually a real-live disease called Polymyalgia Rheumatica.) After seeing a doctor several times about it since December, and being told I'm too young to have this disease, I was FINALLY able to convince her to at least TRY the prescribed treatment for it - namely prednisone - this past week. I'm starting it today, and hoping for the best. Fingers crossed!!
  • As predicted, the combination of super hot weather outside and super cold air conditioning inside resulted in several people being out sick this week. Luckily not me, but I guess I shouldn’t crow too loudly about that! And keep taking my vitamin C!
  • I haven't done very well at my water challenge this month. I'm lucky if I get one or two full glasses a day! Maybe I should start writing it down. The gluten-free experiment seems to be going along pretty well. I do feel a little better, so maybe it's working!
  • I am SO looking forward to this weekend, and I have nothing fun or special planned except to put together a new piece of garden art I bought last Saturday. And maybe play on the internet a bit. And sleep.
  • Finally, here's a pretty shot from last weekend of our irises in bloom. They're gone now, so I'm glad I was able to get this shot before they faded.