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What's Up Wednesday - Day Off Edition

WUW Winter Holly 1

What I'm Writing: Not much, but I dug out some old bits and pieces of stuff I was writing in the 90s. Seems like a good time to dust 'em off, and see if there's anything worth keeping.

What I'm Reading: Archangel by Sharon Shinn. Nearly finished now, and this book is actually what inspired me to dig out my vintage work to see if there might be a little life in it.

What Inspires Me: I saw the movie Frozen last night and it was SO good! I loved the twists on what, even just a few years ago, would have been a traditional "romance". And the soundtrack is amazing! It really got my creative juices flowing!

What Else I've Been Up To: Well, it rained last Saturday, so there was no Sweetheart Stroll for us. Oh, they still held it, but the thought of wandering around in the cold and rain and mist, wanding in and out of tiny stores, drinking wine, all while wrangling a dripping umbrella just didn't sound like very much fun at all, so we just stayed home. I baked some rustic Italian bread from a Krustez mix, and made Bear Creek creamy wild mushroom soup.

Today is a holiday, so I have the day off. Sadly I'm not doing anything more fun or interesting than taking my mom 's new Honda Fit in to be serviced. We got a recall on it last week (some computer upgrade or whatever), and figured since we can't do our taxes yet (stupid, piddling little Chase thing we're still waiting for; they won't even send it out until the 18th!!), we might as well get this done.   

Until next week!