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Friday Five "I (Heart) U" Edition

Happy Valentine's Day, all!  Or, TGIF for those of you who don't celebrate the lovey-dovey holiday and are just thrilled it's Friday! Me, personally, I have no reason to celebrate Valentine's Day, but I did wear my pretty red brocade jeans (Torrid), a fuzzy little black shrug (again, Torrid), a Valentine's pin and heart-shaped earrings, so I guess I am celebrating a little bit. Oh, I also wore my spiked-toed ballet flats, so don't piss me off, k?

Anyway, here's a random Five for your Friday, Valentine's Day, whatever:

  1. I was planning to send out Valentine's cards this year, but totally forgot, which is sad because I had a bunch of already-made handstamped cards, but I just didn't get around to mailing them. Sorry.
  2. On a totally unromantic note, I got copies of my lab test results from my doctor on Wednesday and was surprised to find several of them were not, as she'd told me, "normal". At least it didn't look that way to me, as many of the numbers were well above the normal range in the key provided. I know I'm not a doctor or anything, but it can't be too hard to figure out if it's above the recommended level, it's probably abnormal.
  3. Anyway ... with Weetacon only two weeks away now, and my planned costume having not arrived, I have had to resort to whipping something up from home. Luckily I do have some workout gear handy (the theme is sports and/or favourite athlete), so while it might not be exactly what I wanted, I'll look good anyway!
  4. Speaking of things arriving (or not), I've been buying stuff online like crazy lately (which sadly corresponds with several marathon showings of Hoarders, so having boxes arrive every day is making my mom twitchy!). Most of it is going back because it doesn't fit or doesn't look as nice as it did on the website (really, Torrid, I love your stuff, but some if it is just so damn cheap, and I don't mean inexpensive!), but it's just fun to try stuff on.
  5. And finally, returning to Valentines Day, here's a picture of a cute little plastic Betsey Clarke pin my late Aunt Alice bought me when I was a little girl. I loved Betsey Clarke. Still do! I still have not only this pin, but the doll, a picture and a small book of inspiriational religious quotes.