What's Up Wednesday??
Having some yummy fish tacos at Que Pasa before seeing Frozen at the Galaxy Theater. #quepasa #mexican #food #movienight

Friday Five Feburary 7th

  1. While things at work are still a bit of a mess, I think it's getting better. At least there's less crying. I think we're on our way to the "reluctant accpetance" aspect of all the extra work the new system has brought with it, though we're still not happy with it.
  2. Anyway ... on the bright side, the annual Sweetheart Stroll in downtown Atascadero happens tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to some wine and chocolate tasting and checking out our awesome downtown shops!
  3. My lab results finally came back and it turns out everything is normal, except for very, very low vitamin D. Now I know most folks would be THRILLED to have normal test results, but I'm a bit disappointed. Because seriously? Vitamin D? That can't possibly be what's causing my pain and stiffness, right??*
  4. Gah, whatever! In just 3 weeks I'll be in Green Bay, WI for the 10th annual Weetacon (OMG, 10 years?!?) enjoying some very cold weather, and putting all my woes behind me!
  5. Oh, and eating fresh cheese curds. Yummy, squeaky cheese curds!


* Okay, I guess a vitamin D deficiency CAN cause muscle pain and stiffness!! Wow! If that's the case, then just taking the vitamin D3 my doctor suggested should take care of the problem! I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but being pain-free again would be AWEsome!!