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Friday Five

What's Up Wednesday!

WUW Winter Holly 1


What I'm Writing:  Over the past few weeks I've started writing a couple blog posts, some letters to friends, and a small stone or two, and have finished none of them. Starting projects and not finishing them is becoming a very bad habit for me. One which I need to kick, like, NOW.

What I'm Reading: I'm about to finish The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo. I have truly loved and enjoyed this book. It's not quite a romance novel, but it's about being in love, and there's adventure and ghosts and a murder mystery and so much going on, and yet I never felt lost or overwhelmed. It's simply delightful and I highly recommend it.

As to what I'll read next, I have several actual real-life (as opposed to e- or nook) books to read: The Lake House by James Patterson, Murder in Mariposa Bay by local author Sue McGinty, and Archangel and The Shape Shifter's Wife both by Sharon Shinn. I can't decide which to read first!

What Inspires Me: Lately I've been getting a lot done around the house - selling stuff, getting rid of stuff, fixing stuff. Hopefully this "getting stuff done" will flow over into my writing!

What Else I've Been Up To: Work has been cray cray lately with the rolling out of our new case management system (Odyssey, for those who care). We went "live" this week, and between opening new cases in the new system and migrating old cases, it's been nuts. Odyssey is really cool, though, I must say, and once we're really up and running, I think everyone will really like it!

In other news, I'm starting to plan for my yearly trek to the Frozen Tundra (Green Bay, WI) next month as well as my summer trip to Victoria, B.C., Seattle, and Colfax, WA (for my high school reunion).

Have a great week! Cheers!