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First Friday Five of 2014

Well, well, well, lookie what I remembered to do! I'm sure it's been several weeks since I did a Friday Five - maybe months! - but, hey, it's never too late to pick something up again right?  Anyway, last night I went to SLO Farmer's Market for the first time in forEVer ( so I think it might count as an "Adventure"!), and it was so. much. fun! I had a light dinner at Novo, browsed a few shops, heard some awesome music, and purchased some beautiful produce I'm looking forward to roasting this weekend. In light of that, I decided to share a few observations from the evening:

1.  First off, something completely randon: I think I might like Hendrick's Gin more than Tanqueray.

2.  Marston Smith - The Lord of the Cello - is totally awesome and amazing and has fantastic fashion sense.

3.  Hands Gallery still owns my heart and my wallet.

4.  Downtown SLO is hipper and cooler than I remember it, and that's saying a LOT because it's always been pretty hip and cool!

5.  I'm going to have to do Farmer's Market again. Soon. Maybe even make it a monthly outing. I forgot how much fun it is!

 Have a great weekend! Cheers!