What's Up Wednesday!
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Friday Five

Good Lord, but this has been the longest short week EVER!  I think there was an extra Monday and a couple of Wednesdays thrown in there somewhere. Gah! Anyway, here's what's been going on:

1.  At work we went live with our new case management system, Odyssey. It's an awesome program, but getting everything in the system, learning it, and figuring out all the glitches has been trying to say the least. In a few months, however, this thing will ROCK!

2.  I've been taking Arthrotec for about five weeks now, and while my pain is tolerable, it's still there, and so is the muscle and tendon stiffness and soreness. I think there may be more than just arthritis going on, but I haven't got my labs back, yet, so I have no idea. I hope to get those back, and get back in to see my new doctor soon.

3. Despite the pain and stiffness I went back to Kennedy Club Fitness this past Wednesday to work out with my trainer. I'm still not up to the level I was back in August, or even September, but I did better than a couple weeks ago. My mom says I should just take a few weeks off from exercising to let my body heal, but I just can't. I don't want to. And, besides, until I know exactly what's wrong, if I CAN go, I WILL go.

4.  I am SO looking forward to this weekend, I can't even tell you! There will be no yard sales, no home improvement projects (God willing!), and no running around like a couple of crazy people. Just a little light shopping, a little light cooking, and a lot of heavy-duty relaxing! (Wish me luck!)

5.  For your viewing pleasure, this morning's sunrise: