A Look Back at 2013
Happy New Year and Resolutions

My Word For 2014

Recently I learned that rather than making resolutions, some folks choose a word at the start of the new year. A word they will ponder on, work towards, or live by for the whole year. I like this idea, and even though I have made resolutions as well, I have decided to play along. And, my chosen word for 2014 is:


I'm gonna try to be more adventurous this year. I want to try new things, go new places, see new things, and generally get out of my rut. Of course I say this as I spend my birthday at Avila Beach (pictured above) in typical fashion instead of going someplace I've never been before like Cayucos. In my own defence, I was going to go to Pismo Beach, a place I haven't been to in quite a while, but both of the pierside restaurants I wanted to go to have closed, so I changed my mind. And, also, I did do something different by eating at a newly opened restaurant Ocean Grill and having fish tacos, instead of having a turkey sandwich at the Custom House.

I guess the moral of this story is: baby steps to change!