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What's Up Wednesday for Holidailies

How is it time for Holidailies Already??


December first, and I'm already decorated for Christmas! That might not seem like a very big deal, but I very nearly blew it off, and honestly, if I didn't do it this weekend, it wasn't going to get done. I skipped decorating last year entirely because I kept procrastinating, hemming and hawing for weeks. Finally I accepted the fact I just wasn't in the mood for Christmas, and while it felt pretty good to not do anything,  I thought I'd better do it this year, or risk becoming a permanent Grinch. Now that I'm done, I'm quite pleased. I bought a new artificial tree at Big Lots - pre-lit and pre-tinseled and only 20 bucks! - and it's adorable (pics coming soon!), and have my Santa collection (above), Wizard of Oz ornament collection, Christmas spoons, nativity, and other Christmas goodies on display. I'm exhausted, but it feels good to have it done and to look so pretty and festive!

So, if you've stopped by from Holidailies, hello and welcome! I've been participating in this collaborative holiday writing meme for several years now, starting with my now-defunct online journal self-portrait, and continuing the tradition here on my blog. If you like, you can learn more about who I am on my About Me page, look around my archives, or check out my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest links on the sidebar.