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My Upcoming RadSab

So, I mentioned last Friday about doing a Radical Sabbatical  (or RadSab) by going mostly offline for the month of September. I say "mostly" because I will have to occasionally go online for my work, and will also need access to a website or two due to my "second job" (i.e., selling stuff on eBay and possibly advertising an Estate Sale on our local Craigslist), plus there is the possibility of  my wanting needing to purchase some new fall fashions when they first hit the websites, but THAT'S IT! Other than those things, I'm out. Offline. Going dark.

For 30 days. *shudders*

The basic plan is to not access Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, this blog, any gossip sites or message boards for the entire month of September. That said I will still be accessing email (but only for absolutely necessary things like bank statements or bills), and text (to communicate with my coworkers and trainer when absolutely necessary) and, of course, receiving phone calls on my iPhone.

The hope is to wean myself off the instant gratification and connectivity of technology, and return to quieter, slower, simpler things like writing snail mail letters, keeping a paper journal and perhaps even taking some pictures using actual film. (Not 100% sure of that last one; it's just a thought right now.)

As with most things I try, I'm pretty confident I'll fail miserably at this, but I thought it would be fun to see just how long I can actually go without the company of my beloved internet. Wish me luck, or join me, if you dare!