Morning clouds. #clouds #sky
Vintage wooden rolling pins. @photofriday #shadesofgray

Friday Five and OMG Where Did This Month Go?

So, it's May 31, and I've posted exactly 4 times during the whole month (five if you count this one). And it turns out I slacked off the whole second half of April as well. What the heck happened? Nothing exciting or interesting, that's for sure. Just my regular, boring, old life. Nothing to see here. Move along. Anyway, here's a few things I did manage to accomplish this month:

  1. Putting a lot of stuff for sale on eBay. It actually takes quite a bit of time to properly photograph, measure, and describe an item on eBay, and later to pack it up for shipping when it sells. If, that is. If it sells. Anyway, I've put some some antique/vintage stuff, including some dolls/doll parts, and a few clothing items and accessories on for sale, but I'm taking a break for a week or so due to attending my cousin's wedding. However I should have all that stuff and more back on-line probably June 15th , so check it out!
  2. Listening to a lot of music. I currently have Bodyparts by Dragonette, In2ition by 2Cellos, The Origin of Love by Mika, and Lead With Your Heart by The Tenors on heavy rotation on my iPhone, izzy.
  3. Yard work. No, not gardening; we've decided against having a garden this year due to the potential water restrictions likely to happen this summer, as well as a general lack of interest. I know we're going to regret this decision come July when we're force to buy watery, flavourless tomatoes and pesticide-filled produce at Von's, but right now we're just not into it. We have, however,cut down plenty of plants in the backyard, and have to keep the front mowed and trimmed weekly, so there's still plenty to keep us busy!
  4. Working. Yeah, sad and pathetic, I know, but that's about it: I work, exercise, go home, eat, sleep; wash, rinse, and repeat. I would promise to do better updating next month, but I suck at keeping promises, so it's just better not to make them. 
  5. And, now, here's a pretty picture of the sun to close out your Friday: