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Friday Five: The "OMG I'm Going on Vacation in a Week and I Haven't Even STARTED Packing Yet!" Edition

  1. So, this time next week I'll be in beautiful Green Bay, Wisconsin, enjoying an awesome Bloody Mary at St. Brendan's Inn that includes a meat AND cheese stick, and hanging out with a bunch of the coolest kids I've ever known. To say I'm excited is an understatement. A GREAT BIG FREAKIN' UNDERSTATMENT!!
  2. So, if you haven't already guessed, I am FREAKING OUT because I'm totally NOT packed for this trip. You'd think I'd be an old pro at this considering I've been to Wisconsin in the winter several times now, but no.  No, I'm not. I hate my snow boots (faux UGGs that are old and quite hideous) but it's too late in the season to get new ones and I really don't think waterproofing my Doc Martins in going to cut it, I have no idea what shirts/sweaters to pack (well, I DO have several ideas what to pack, but then I keep wearing all my super cute outfits to WORK for pete's sake!), and even though I'm using a larger suitcase this year I really don't think everything is going to fit. Gah!
  3. I'm trying to figure out what to do about a carry-on. I have the totally awesome camera bag I won at last year's raffle (oohh, and I see there's a teal version available this year!) that I might use, but I'm not sure if my laptop will fit in it (or if I'll even take my laptop at all). OR I could just take the cross-body laptop holder that also has a mesh bottle holder on the side for easy, hands-free water bottle carrying, which is always helpful in airports.
  4. Also, this weekend is shot because tomorrow I have to do taxes and Sunday I have to have a facial. I say "I have to have a facial" because I actually won (!!) a free one at a giveaway that was happening at Old Navy a few weeks ago. While, it's really cool to have won, facials are not really my thing, as the few times I have done them, I've ended up with crazy acne breakouts. But, I won the darn thing, so I might as well do it, but, I'm gonna look like a hormonal teenager for Weetacon and I'm kinda bummed about that.
  5. And, finally,  for your Friday photo viewing pleasure, a bit of a mystery: I went to toss a sticky note in the trash by the bus stop, and discovered two vinyl albums in the bin. Naturally I had to pull them out and take a couple quick shots before other people showed up and looked at me funny.  Enjoy!