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Photo Friday: Shadow

Friday Five '13D

  1. My mom and I tried to watch American Idol again Wednesday night and only made it to the first commercial break before switching it off and watching Face Off, a fantastic competition reality show we taped Tuesday night. AI is just really, really horrible.
  2. I absolutely LOVE the design of the bookbook case for the iPhone 5- it has a built-in camera hole!! The bookbook cover for the iPhone 4S doesn't have this feature, so you have to push the phone up out of the case a bit to expose the viewfinder to use the camera. Kind of a pain. Still, I'm not sure I want to upgrade to an iPhone 5 just to get a nicer phone case.
  3. Or DO I?
  4. Once again I was a lazy blogger this week. I'm still reading Summer and Bird (super good book, but I keep getting distracted), and haven't been anywhere or done anything interesting, so there's nothing to post. 
  5. Oh, except I did see a young fella strumming a guitar on the steps of the old courthouse building as I was waiting for the bus last night, so I did manage to get an interesting photo (edited with Snapseed since my Instagram app is all wonky):

TGIF and cheers!