52 Weeks #2: List Your Greatest Comforts
Photo Friday: Serene

Friday Five '13C

  1. My heart is broken. That is all.
  2. Honestly, I can't think of anything else to talk about this week. Except maybe how nice and soft and strong the Kleenex Anti-Viral tissues are when you're sobbing constantly into your foam cheesehead. *sniffle*
  3. In other news, I've started drinking green tea again. I'm not exactly sure why I stopped, except that I grew really fond of the Starbucks Via packets, particularly the Colombia roast, and started drinking that all day every day for the past few months. This week I ran out of the packets, and had nothing but green tea left in my drawer. I forgot how much I liked green tea, and hope to bring the habit back.
  4. So I sat down to watch American Idol on Wednesday night and was quite disappointed. Miriah Carey and Nikki Minaj came off as a couple of bratty, bitchy, snotty women and I disliked both of them within the first five minutes. Neither of the men really said much (I don't know who Keith Urban is, so I guess I'll reserve judgment on him, but I've always liked Randy Jackson, I just think they were both overshadowed by the two bitchy women), and I was really upset by how many perfectly good (yeah, not great, but still okay) singers they did NOT send to Hollywood. I ended up not watching the second hour of it, and I doubt I'll waste my time watching any more of the audition episodes. I might start watching again towards the end of Hollywood week, but honestly, I just don't like the look or feel of the new show or new judges.
  5. And, finally, your photo forthe week. It's a quick shot I took of my week 2 list for 52 Lists.  You can see the full list here. I would really like to do some more creative photography with my lists, but so far have not had the time or energy. Hopefully as the year progresses, I'll be able to do something slightly more interesting. Have a great weekend (3 days for some of us!). Cheers!