New Project: 52 Lists
52 Lists Week One

Friday Five '13B

  1. Aaaaannd, now that Holidailies is over, I'm back to only posting once a week. If at all. I'm reading the same book (Splendors and Glooms - awesome, btw, but over 300 pages, so it's taking me a while to get through on the bus.), so no new Teaser Tuesday this week, and I can't find anything interesting to take pictures of, so there's no Photo-a-Day or Sepia Scenes, either. And I have comPLETEly forgotten about the Mindful Writing thing I signed up for. Gah! The only thing I can think to do this week is the Friday Five and just recap what went on this week.
  2. Which was ... ummm ... nothing, really. It was a pretty dull week - a typical week of work, exercise, eating and sleeping. And watching TV. Oh, I did see my chiropractor on Tuesday, which is always nice. Although I'm always afraid that my spine - particularly my neck - goes right back to wonky the minute I leave his office. Could just be my imagination, though.
  3. So, I tried to use up all the hair products I found under my sink whilst doing my Great Bathroom Cleanup of 2012 and quickly came to realize how they all ended up under my sink: They suck. The Miracle 7 mousse that claims to not dry crunchy dried crunchy, another mousse I can't remember the name of is too watery and gives my limp, lifeless hair no body or life whatsoever, the two detanglers don't detangle, the glossing/conditioning balms made my hair look greasy, and the hair sprays didn't hold my hair styles. So, they're all gone now. In their place are my old reliables: Miracle 7 conditioning leave-in detangler, Bioluxe conditioning creme, Pantene extra body mousse ,and Finesse extra hold hair spray. And, now I have happier hair.
  4. Today is my furlough. I'm hoping to go visit my grandfather (and wish him a belated happy 97th birthday!), and plot out some fabulous meals for the upcoming week.
  5. And, finally: GO PACKERS!!