2012 Christmas Letter

Friday Five #3

  1. This is my furlough week, so I'm enjoying today off without pay. Yay! Except boo! because I like getting paid!
  2. I finally switched out my awesome Twelve South BookBook iPhone case/wallet for my TARDIS hard case and iPhone wallet. As much as I love my TARDIS case (Though no one except my mom "gets" it! Honestly, where my geeks at??), I find I'm really missing my BookBook case. I think my biggest problem is having to remove my phone from the new wallet in order to use it, whereas with the BookBook, all I had to do was open the Book. Also, I didn't worry so much about dropping my phone as I do now. Pity the phone deosn't fit in the BookBook with the phone case on it! That would be perfect!
  3. Wednesday I bought myself a new pair of gloves, ones that have special threads on the thumbs and first two fingers so you can use your iphone/tablet/nook without taking off the gloves and freezing your fingers off. I had been using a pair of convertable mittens, but they were a pain. The mitten part folded over and buttoned to the back of the glove revealing "fingerless gloves" underneath. The problem was the button never held the glove part, so it was always flapping about. And also my fingers got cold. So, I found this awesome pair of texting  gloves at Urban Outfitters for fourteen bucks and I LOVE them! I can use my phone at the bus stop early in the morning (and late at night), and not freeze my fingers off! Score!
  4. Coming up with five things every week for this list is HARD! Especially since I'm posting nearly every day (I missed a day this week, I think Monday) and therefore already telling you everything I would probably usually use Friday Five for.
  5. And, since photos are easy, here are a few shots of the Toys for Tots haul this year (with a closeup on a few of my personal contributions). It's nothing like years past, but it's better than having an empty box!