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Update and Holidailies Prep

I don't know about you, but I had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday weekend, thankyouverymuch! Here are the highlights in bullet form:

  • Thanksgiving Day mom and I lounged around the house, had chicken soup for lunch and a Subway Club sandwich for dinner, and took a nice long walk in the late afternoon. The weather was gorgeous - sunny and warm! - and I got a couple great shots of the brightly coloured leaves on the trees against the deep blue sky.
  • Friday morning we drove out to visit my grandfather at the Yellow Rose Inn. He was still in bed, but was wide awake, happy to see us, and we had a lovely visit. Afterwards, mom and I did our grocery shopping, which was awesome because there was NO ONE at the grocery store! Then lounged around the rest of the day.
  • Saturday my aunt and uncle stopped by first thing in the morning. They'd been in Germany the past several weeks visiting their son (my Famous Cousin Augie) and future daughter-in-law, so we were plant-sitting. Thankfully all their plants survived! After breakfast mom and I went out and mowed our lawn - yes we stil have to mow our lawn here on the central coast even in November! Anyway, it felt good to get that done for another couple weeks.
  • On Sunday mom and I went out for a walk early in the morning. It was beautiful - the air was still cool, but the sun was warm, so we were quite comfortable! Afterwards I spent a few hours cooking our meals for the coming week, then wasted the afternoon browsing Pinterest. In the evening I watched my Packers lose to the Midgets, and an ever-shrinking group of people try to survive the zombie apocolypse, then went to bed.

And, now it's almost time for Holidailies! I can't believe it's nearly December already, but it is, so here I go again trying to post every day for the entire month. This time I'm kinda planning out my strategy in the hopes that I won't spend too many days sitting in front of a blank screen with writer's block.  Tuesdays are already booked with Teasers, and Wednesdays I'll be reviving one of my favourite photo memes that seems to have died off, Sepia Scenes, Fridays will be either a Friday 5-type list or a shot for Photo Friday, so I only have a few days of the week to worry about. Also, I'll have my usual Year in Review, Best Photos of the Year, Christmas Letter/Card and New Year's Resolution posts as well. I'm still coming up with ideas - probably more than I can handle as usual!