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Teaser Tuesday: Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg

Halloween Decorations

Last weekend I decided to bring out my autumnal decorations for Halloween (and later Thanksgiving).  I stuffed my cornucopia with colourful foliage, pine cones, a bird's nest and house, and a mini jack-o-lantern (all artificial). 

And at work we're having a pumpkin decorating contest, so I bought two little pumpkins - one small "pumpkin pie" pumpkin and a mini yellow pumpkin - and played around with a couple ideas I found on Pinterest. The first is a gold glitter-topped pumpkin with a preserved leaf:

The other one I wrapped in self-stick gauze, added a pair of eyes and made a mummy pumpkin:

I think they both came out really good, but I think the mummy will be the one I take in to work for the contest. He's just so dang cute!! I'm gonna name him Marty!