Garden Update in Lomo

You Capture: Windows

Last Friday my mom and I went to the Atascadero Art and Wine Tour downtown, and I managed to remember this assignment and capture a couple windows.

The first is actually a pair of windows on a once-blank wall that now has a mural painted on it. (This photo is just the detail of the piece, not the whole thing) That part of the building actually houses an art supply store called The ARTery, so having a painting on that wall makes sense. However, it was hotly contested since the owner didn't get the proper permits before having the work done, and it was in danger of being painted over. In the end, however, the City Council decided to let the project stay.  Personally I'm not a fan of this piece. I think it's depressing and sad and looks like a poorly done portrait of one of the transients that hang around in the Sunken Garden. I would've much preferred something more cheerful and upbeat that would WELCOME people to our tiny but increasingly fun downtown area. I mean, really. Would YOU want to check out a downtown area where that was the first thing you saw? My other complaint is that the mural wasn't even done by a LOCAL artist. Gah! But, whatever. No one asked my opinion (Or anyone else's opinion, actually!!), and art is subjective, anyway.

My second shot was taken from inside Colby Jack Restaurant where my mom and I enjoyed a delicious late dinner after walking around downtown sampling lots of delicious wine and viewing lots of lovely art. I liked how the lights inside appeared to be hanging from the tree branches when I looked outside.


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