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Art and Wine Tour


Last Friday mom and I went to the Atascadero Art and Wine Tour  in downtown Atascadero. It was wonderful! So much better than the last time. This time the weather was perfect (as opposed to uber hot, dusty, and windy), and there were TONS of people downtown enjoying the wine, food, art and entertainment (as opposed to, say, nearly none).


Almost all the wineries there were the same ones from the previous Art and Wine Tour or other Wine Festivals we've attened, so we really didn't try anything new.  They were, however,  all delicious. I don't think there was a single wine I tried that I didn't like. There weren't very many whites, however (which really isn't a surprise since this area is quite known for its zinfandels and pinot noirs), and I was hoping to find something perfect for sipping on the back patio during the warm autumn evenings. The above Picnic Chardonnay by Pomar Junction, however, was a contender.




I don't know the name of this singer/band, but that girl had a really amazing voice!



I've never been a fan of the "box" wines, but Hidden Oak's Merlot was quite good, and they claim to have four bottles of wine in this one little box, so I'm a little tempted to give it a shot!


We also tried some delicious olive oil with french bread (I believe it was Brian's Bread which is the best bread around these parts! Honest to Pete, it's the only specialty bread we buy.). It was seriously good - very light flavour and maybe even a little sweet. I think I liked it better than the oils I tasted at Olivovas de Oro Olive Company. (Although you guys are awesome, too!)



I didn't actually take this picture below; the girl behind the bar at The Barrel Room did. I would actually like to go down there and spend some more time trying their wines. Mom and I stopped by during either a Wine Tour like this one, or the Sweetheart Stroll, or some event like that before they were officially opened, and it appears from the picture that they've added more wineries!


I remember this uber enthusiastic and adorable lady from last time! She was pouring a really yummy Chardonnay that both my mom and I really enjoyed.


There was also some fantastic art on display this time! I don't recall seeing many artists last time except for one poor guy who was trying to keep his paintings from blowing away in what was a pretty nasty wind.  The following pieces are from the sketchbook of the crazy talented Liam Daley, a young artist I met at Calicopia, a local artist coop (which also had some amazing art pieces as well!).

I can totally see a cartoon or a comic book series based on these two interesting characters!

A cute reminder to stop and smell the flowers!

I can't quite tell if this little guy is happy, sad, relieved or simply content with his accomplishment.

I love this bird escaping from its cage picture. I think it would make a fantastic tattoo!

This little fella was my favourite and prompted a brief discussion of our mutually favourite film: Roxanne with Steve Martin. Liam told me I should check out Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, as it's another Steve Martin film that's (according to Liam) very good!