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Teaser Tuesday: Year Zero by Rob Reid

F is for Food #allaboutme #lovekate

This week, F is for food. I love food - not just cooking it and eating it, but photographing it, too, as many of you have noticed over the years! My food pix are not fancy - although the food itself sometimes is! - they won't be appearing in Food and Wine or Sunset or even Eating Light or Clean Eating magazines. That's not the point. The point is that I enjoy sharing some of the delicious -and yes, beautiful - meals I've had.

I can't remember exactly when it started, but I do know one of my earliest food photos was at the 2002 San Francisco JournalCon. We were at a lovely Chinatown restaurant (the name of which I've forgotten) and were told regarding the following "eat it like a taco":


In 2005 I took a trip with my BFF Jewel to San Juan Capistrano where we had an amazingly delicious (and beautiful!) meal at The Tea House:


Then in 2007 we went to Niagara Falls and had this gorgeous lunch at The Table Rock Restaurant:


I've visited Green Bay, Wisconsin several times over the past few years, and the most fabulous meal has got to be the homemade chicken booyah and brats and candied pretzels with pineapple fluff made by the beautiful and fantastic June!PicMonkey Collage3

But it's not all just brats and beer in Green Bay. There are also some fabulous restaurants that serve vegetarian and vegan dishes as well. One of my favourite restaurants is The RAWstraunt, which specilizes in "raw" food (which means nothing is cooked over 104°). This raw cake was not only delicious, but beautiful as well:


I don't just photograph restaurant food, though. I also like to take snapshots of meals I've cooked. Lately I've been cooking several recipes from the Clean Eating magazine, such as this Smokey Pork Chop:


 Cheers, and bon appetit!