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Shiny and New

Last week I got a few shiny, new things. First off here's my pretty, shiny toes:


... all decked out in Sparrow Me the Drama by O.P.I. (from the Pirates of the Carribean collection). I think this is my new favourite shade of pink. Previously I though the perfect pink was O.P.I.'s Japanese Rose Garden (and I do still love it!), but this colour might've knocked the champ off the block! 

Next I went and got my hair cut. Nothing drastic or even fabulous, but after using some "beach hair" texturizing spray that totally destroyed my hair, I really needed to get the dead, split ends cut off. It's still fairly long, but looks and feel SO much better!

And finally, I stopped by Staples to make a copy of my grandpa's Ramblings - a brief autobiography of his life in Montana he started writing a couple decades ago - and saw that they were having a MASSIVE technology sale. I've been struggling with my HP mini laptop for the past year or so because my eyesight is just so bad, and decided this was the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a larger laptop! I debated between a couple HP laptops, both with 15" screens and fairly lightweight, though the $600. one had more memory and longer battery life than the $400. one, but they both had good, comfortable, easy-to-use keyboards, and I could easily read everything on both screens. I was just about to go with the more expensive model for the additional memory and battery power, when I remembered to look for a camera card slot. I'm SO glad I checked because the one I was just about to buy did NOT have the slot! Gah! I would've totally been screwed when I needed to download pictures off my card! Phew! Disaster averted!!

Anyway, here's my new laptop:

So far I LOVE it, but haven't yet named it. (Yes, I'm one of THOSE people who name their stuff. My old laptop's name is eddy, my nook colour is named Nicky and my iPhone is izzy, just to name a few!) Now I just need to cancel my Verizon contract with the mini, then I can sell it on eBay.  

Another new piece of technology I purchased at Staples was a new keyboard for my main computer. I really disliked the keyboard that came with the Sony all-in-one - the keys were too flat and too close together, so I kept hitting the wrong key and having all kinds of crazy misspellings. Also, my wrists hurt when I typed on it for too long. So I tried out a few different keyboards while I was at Staples, and finally decided on the Logitech Wave:

I LOVE it! It's SO comfortable and easy to use. I've tried ergonomic keyboards before, but the keys were too far apart and I found they were difficult to type on. This keybaord is set up in a "wave" shape (hence the name Wave!), that feels very natural.  And, it even came with an uber comfortable mouse!  

So, I think I'm pretty much set for technology for a long, long while! Cheers!