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Sunday Stealing - Part Four

We're back with Sunday Stealing!  Enjoy!


61. Ocean or pool? Ocean.

62. Fridays or Ruby Tuesdays? Um, neither. I don't believe I've ever been to either restaurant, and I much prefer Chili's. 

63. Did you want to go to college? I couldn't wait to go to college! I was excited to live far from home and meet new people. Oh, and get a great education, too!

64. What did you last time at a mall? Not quite sure what you're asking here. And we don't have malls on the central coast. Just outdoor shopping centers. 

65. Which close friend have you known the longest? My BFF Kelly. We met in second grade. 

66. Why do you like the music you do? It's got a good beat and fun lyrics

67. Do you read much? I read a LOT! I love books and get all twitchy if I don't have a book or my nook with me. 

68. Favorite country? UK.

69. What is something you wish you were better at? I wish I could draw or paint. 

70. What’s your favorite album/CD? I can't pick just one. I have DOZENS of favourites!

71. What's a good dinner order? Steak (or Prime Rib), baked potato and a steamed green veggie.

72. Planes or boats? Planes

73. One rumor that’s been spread about you: None that I know of. 

74. Who is your newest friend? Gwen. We were bus buddies at this past Weetacon

75. Have you ever sat on a rooftop? Yes, but it was meant to be a patio, so it's not like it was dangerous or anything. 

76. Was your last text useful? Yes; it was to cancel an appointment. 

77. Favorite soda? I don't drink soda much, but when it do it's Orange Crush. 

78. Do you like yourself? Not really. 

79. The worst weather: Hot or cold? Hot. If it's cold you can warm up by layering or snuggling under a blanket, but when it's hot, there's no relief. 

80. Do you play an instrument? I used to play the flute, but I haven't touched it since college. 


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